4641 Speed Boat

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Ride the waves with the super-fast speed boat. Hang on tight so that you don’t end up in the water. Includes sailor minifigure with lifejacket. 34 Total Pieces. Master the waves with the ultra fast Speed Boat! Get ready for the ride of your life when the Speed Boat commands the water! Strap on the sailor’s life jacket and head out for a day of fast-paced fun. Whether you’re entering the Speed Boat competition or just out for a breezy ride cruising around the lake, the speed boat will take you everywhere you want to go!


  • Ride the waves with the super-fast speed boat
  • Hang on tight so that you dont end up in the water
  • Includes sailor minifigure with lifejacket
  • 34 Total Pieces

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Weight 85 g
Dimensions 120 × 60 × 90 mm


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