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Review : Matchbox Mini Swisher

Manufacturer: Matchbox MB1189-01 Mini Swisher
Scale: Generic
Model Name: Mini Swisher
Manufacturers Code: MB1189

New to the range in 2019 is this little street cleaner. There are many people that collect to create dioramas and this I am sure will be a welcome addition to those collectors even if only to use as a background piece to a larger display and others who have a leaning towards commercial models.  Of course many will not be happy with this as its a generic model and there are lots of collectors who are against that , but for me this is exactly where the generic models belong.

MB1189-01 Mini Swisher

Generic models are a necessary evil in the current market, they are obviously cheaper to produce because of the lack of licensing required and they do flesh out the line with models that I would think most people would struggle to name the make and model of the real thing and this particular model is a great addition and for me; really well designed and extremely reminiscent of what you would see on your local streets.

Its first outing is in the 2019 mainline; the tampo chosen for its launch seems to be quite appropriate, again its very generic in design but extremely suitable.  The problem I see with the overall design of this model is the in my opinion excessive use of plastic.  I understand why generics need to be part of the line, but surely with the amount saved on licensing you could afford to spend just a little more on the diecast portion of the model.

MB1189-01 Mini Swisher

The all round windows of the cab seem appropriate for a street sweeper you might see coming down your street and you can forgive the roof light protrusion but the cut out on the rear compartment is a step too far.  This should be solid and it looks a little out of place being blue/clear plastic as in the cab windows.

If you are a customiser or someone that likes to build dioramas then this model does lend itself to some easy changes to improve the look; cover over the rear compartment window and highlight the front brushes just to begin with will improve the model.  Overall though, I think this is a nice model and a great example of how generics can belong in the range and hold up against other licensed models.

What do you think?  As generics go does this model cut it? or are you in the camp that absolutely no generics should ever be in the line up regardless of how good they are.

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