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Review : Hot Wheels Ferrari P4

Manufacturer: Hot Wheels Hot Wheels Ferrari P4
Ferrari P4
Manufacturers Code: 52915

My main area of collection is Matchbox but sometimes other brands will creep in, really I think its a love of cars that allows me to appreciate a well made model.  Normally I dont even look at Hot Wheels, I know lots of people like them but they just never seem to appeal to me.  I find that Hot Wheels just dont seem able to capture the realism that Matchbox does, seems silly to think that when both brands are owned by Mattel and in a lot of cases the designers work on either brand but its the way it comes across to me.  Of course that being said sometimes you do see a really well designed model from the Hot Wheels team and this appears to be one of them.

First released way back in 2002, this is a really nice scale model of a very beautiful car, in its debut outing in the 2002 First Editions series at number 025, it was released in the traditional Ferrari colour of red with a racing livery and since then it we have seen it in a myriad of other colours as shown in the table below.

Year Main Body Colour Distinctive markings
2002 Red 24
2003 Chrome Red stripes
2003 Red 23
2005 Flat Black 20
2007 Red 07
2009 Yellow & Blue 4
2010 Metallic Blue 32
2010 Red 32
2011 Yellow 11
2012 Red 23
2013 Black 4

Hot Wheels Ferrari P4

The model makers at Mattel have done a great job of this little diecast beauty. I think they have captured the look and feel of the Ferrari P4 in a lot of detail particularly when you take its small scale into consideration. The interior is superbly crafted and of course you get to actually see it in this model as the rear of the vehicle has an engine viewing window. The chrome plastic used on a lot of occasions for the interior works well for the engine component, but really lets down an otherwise fine model when it comes to the front seating area.

Hot Wheels Ferrari P4

Whilst on the interior is good to see that the designers have included the spare wheel as well in the rear section which just like the real thing can be viewed from the hole in the rear of the body. The front of the car is well designed just like the rest and includes all the details like the air scoop that you would expect to see there.  So to wrap up I think that with its details and sporty looks, this is a miniature that everyone will love.  If you collect Hot Wheels, Ferrari vehicles, or just a little kid that loves to have sporty looking cars, you will definitely love this one.

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