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Oh Sh*t!!! (Review : Matchbox Poop King)

Matchbox Poop King

Matchbox for years has been great at providing kids with tools to help their imagination create a miniature world, they have always had fast cars and police vehicles for a great chase scene; trucks, road rollers and other construction base equipment for that realistic building or construction scene.

Well with this new release you can really have a completely realistic building site; modern health and safety rules mean that any building site must have toilet facilities and now Matchbox can deliver them.  Yes you read that correctly, with the release of a new casting called ”Poop King”, Matchbox help you to ensure your building site complies with modern regulations by providing two portable toilets loaded in the rear of a delivery truck.

Matchbox Poop King

I am sure the kids will love this one as will many collectors, it certainly is unique.  I dont know of any other diecast company that has covered this particular topic making this quite a unique casting and offering.  Another unusual part of this model is that it is clearly labelled as ”Poop King” on the left hand door but the right hand door is labelled ”Poo Konig” which I believe to be German.

What do you think? is this a good idea? a great addition to the range?Matchbox Poop King


Matchbox Poop King


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