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Matchbox comes home

Well it seems that Mattel & Tesco were true to their word and Matchbox has finally returned home; It is still unclear just what else we can expect but early signs are good.  Reports have come in from all parts of the UK; where I am in the far North of Scotland I managed to get to 3 Tesco stores, 2 were completely empty but one come up with the goods for me where I picked up a range of singles.  Nothing else to be had just yet but you never know.

Matchbox 2019 UK

Other parts of country and across the rest of the UK some Tescos have nothing whilst others have either singles, 5 packs, 9 packs or a mix of those products.  So product is slowly getting out there and it look like before long we should have a good supply of current Matchbox in a range of issues; lets just hope it remains good and continues to grow and improve as we move forward.

For reference the singles set me back just £1.25 each so that is a great price and one I hope will stay with the range; at that price they should sell well to collectors and children alike and that will help sales o grow and stock to rotate through quicker.

Camo Convoy

As for me I am off to see if I can pick up another Camo Convoy, when I took the picture to use for this post I noticed the damaged front wheel; never even saw this when I picked it up.

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