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And there back…. sort of

Matchbox singles

Finally for those of us that live in the UK there seems to be a bit of good news.

A while back it was reported that we should see a return of Matchbox to the shelves in August and now here we are in the middle of the month and reports are starting to trickle in of sightings of Matchbox on the shelves of Tesco.  Finally it is looking like Matchbox has returned home at long last.

Of course the main bit of information that collectors have been dying to know is just what will we see in the UK.  After months and months of nothing most collectors will be happy to see anything but the reports so far mostly emanating form the South of England is that we will be getting singles, 5 packs & 9 packs.

Matchbox 5 packs

Nothing has been sighted in the Midlands, Northern England, Wales or Scotland as of yet but it looks like they are starting to filter through.

Prices of course will probably vary across the stores but so far the reports are that the singles seem to be in the range of £1.25 to £1.50, 5 Packs are between £5 to £7.50 and small amounts of 9 packs have also been purchased but no reports on what price they were.

So time to get out to your local Tesco as finally your collection can grow again .

Matchbox 9 packs

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